Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween

There is absolutely nothing that can create the perfect and flawless look than makeup if done right. And that goes for the scary makeup at Halloween as well. Then again it’s not that easy, it requires time, skill, idea, and practice to make it perfect. But we are seeing a lot of Halloween makeup ideas trending with the coming years.

Looking at the latest trends we came across these Halloween makeup ideas that we see are trending most. So if you are willing to give it a try this Halloween, just pick one of these ideas and get started.


We are seeing that the clown makeup is trending this year. Well, some clown movie characters really got famous like Pennywise from IT Chapter 2 and Arthur Fleck, the Joker! This is not it, there other random scary clown makeups that are trending at the moment. Internet is flooding with the scary makeup ideas and there are makeup artists who are uploading complete makeup tutorials as well so you can get an idea about how to get it done. So just get the right costume and makeup and be the scary clown in the town that people won’t forget.


Vampires are undoubtedly one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas. These bloodthirsty creatures with fangs give a deadly look. With the correct costume and accessories, it’s really easy to pull off the look of a vampire. However, if you want to take that vampire look to the next level, you should definitely learn the vampire makeup. With pale skin, dark eyes and some fake blood, you will have that scary vampire look, and if you are still confused…. you can always look up to the internet for makeup ideas and tutorials.

Skull face

Skeletons and skulls are more like a symbol for Halloween. You will see that the skeleton costume ideas trend every year on Halloween and so the skull face makeup. You must have seen numerous skull makeup with unique touches like the simple skull makeup or the colorful skull makeup, or with a snake or the partial skull makeup with exposed jawbone. You will see skull makeup looks done with neon products and colors that give an illuminated look in the dark and looks fantastic!


Are you up for creating a fictional and ethereal look of an alien this Halloween?? We would say you have made the right choice then. Alien costumes are also one of the most popular costume ideas for Halloween. You will also see some alien makeup ideas that are more on the cuter side with glitters and colors. Now it’s up to you whatever kind of look of an alien you want for yourself.

Zipped Face

This is another kind of creepy yet creative kind of makeup look that is perfect for Halloween. However, this will require a lot of practice to achieve the perfect look. The look of exposed flesh with fake blood and everything does make this look one of the scariest and disturbing look among all.


Are you thinking of being a zombie this Halloween?? Then you will have to think more than just dressing up like zombies. If you want to look like a walking dead then you should look like one too and for that, you will some good makeup ideas and tricks. Internet is flooding with the makeup ideas for zombies and we are seeing that the zombie look is trending this Halloween too. So without giving it a second thought just grab your makeup and start perfecting the ideal zombie makeup look you want.

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